About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

My name is Dana Tramba, and I live with my husband Norm in Mesa, Arizona. This blog came out of my passion for facilitating monthly classes to encourage others to “Save Your Life One Story at a Time.” We call our group Reflections, and these people are my tribe, as we meet and share stories about our lives. We encourage, critique, laugh, cry and pray together. Sadly, they know more about me from my stories than my own family.

All my life I felt I could express myself better by writing. I wrote short stories, colored, copied quotes and favorite scriptures or just doodled. The results are scattered papers with notes, files of stories about life on a Kansas farm, falling in love, raising our sons, my work as a Registered Nurse and becoming a grandmother. Then there are the notebooks of prayer journals that were a constant companion as I wrote through my struggles--stories about friends battling cancer, adult children including myself, making poor decisions, divorce, my adoption and search for birth parents. Writing is my therapy!

My plan is to declutter, organize and post my stories in my blog. In doing this, I have discovered that as I live my life looking forward to the future, my life makes more sense to me as I reread my stories and prayer journals. As I read through my journals it is like I am visiting an old friend. One that I understand and know better.  


We are all the authors of our own stories. Each story is different because of the journeys we have taken and the mountains and valleys we have traveled through. Even though my inner critic keeps telling me that my story is not good enough, I keep on writing. As I continue piecing my stories together like a puzzle, I begin seeing clearly that God has been with me at each turning point in my journey. 


I am not here to sell you anything or get you onto another mailing list. My hope is that you will read my stories and that something in them will trigger a memory for you. Then you will write your story remembering that we are all truly the authors of our own stories.

Show my website to a few friends. Meet monthly around the kitchen table. Share the stories you wrote. These friends will soon become your tribe! 

I am here to answer your questions and encourage you.  Your comments motivate me to continue writing, sorting stories and sharing.

I can also be reached at dana@dandystories.com